Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has proposed legislation to ban veterans from using air conditioning in their homes and other public spaces.

    The Texas Republican also proposed a new law that would require employers to provide workers with free, clean, ventilated indoor air.

    Cruz told reporters in Texas on Tuesday that he is calling for a bill that would prohibit veterans from receiving free air conditioning at their jobs.

    The bill, known as the Venti Act, has been under consideration for months and was referred to the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee, but it has not yet been heard.

    A spokesperson for Cruz said that his bill will be referred to a subcommittee that he chairs.

    Cruz’s bill, which is currently in the Senate Finance Committee, would make the Ventimax Act permanent and would create a new exemption to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act for businesses that provide free or reduced-price air conditioning.

    He said that he would then send the bill to the full Senate for consideration.

    The Venti Bill is designed to protect the health and safety of workers and customers and ensure that the Ventilators used in businesses are safe, clean and free from contaminants.

    The company that owns Venti Air has argued that the bill would harm workers because it would require them to purchase air conditioners that would not be safe for their workers.

    The Venti bill was initially introduced in May of this year, and the Senate bill was introduced on July 4, 2017.

    However, the legislation has been stuck in the House, as Republicans have blocked the House version of the bill.


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