K-series air conditioning units will become available in the Temeculas air conditioning market for the first time since a $3 million investment by Innovative Air Conditioners.

    K-series units have been installed in Temeculos homes since 2011 and were designed to provide air conditioning for rooms up to three people.

    The units have a thermal-management system that will allow the units to cool air to the outside of the room by automatically cooling the air through the fans, then venting it back through the fan to the room.

    Innovative air conditioners has been testing the air conditioning systems on Temeculo homes and is hoping to be able to get the units installed in the next few months.

    “The K-7 has been designed to be a great option for customers who don’t want to invest in an air conditioning system,” said Ken Dorn, vice president of corporate marketing and business development for Innovative.

    “We have seen customers use it for years in their homes and they are very happy with it.”

    Innovative said the Temechacula air conditioning unit will include the new Coolest Air System (CAS) with temperature and humidity sensors that will provide a range of temperatures from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the time of year.

    The CAS will also have an automated system that monitors the air temperature, and can also adjust the air quality and temperature for the room’s occupant.

    The Coolest AC System will be available for the following residential and commercial uses:Air conditioning systems are also being offered in Temechaas home and business offices, including a residential air conditioning suite for use in offices and restaurants.

    “This is an exciting time for Temecularians to be the first in the country to get these innovative air conditioner systems installed,” said Temeculinian Mayor Rick Karpowitz.

    “It will be an added benefit to our community and the Temeches homeowners and businesses that will make their lives better and our environment better.”

    Temecula has been home to Innovative since 2009, and it has been operating under a contract with the city since 2017.

    The city recently began offering air conditioning service to Temeculeas home customers.


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