The US-based company is offering to pay customers to air condition their cars.

    The service, which is called Air Conditioning Renewal, allows users to set a price and receive a monthly credit to use when they buy an air conditioning unit.

    Users can choose to buy a unit at the regular retail price, or the annual discount price.

    It is designed to save the average home owner money on air conditioning.

    The service is also aimed at helping people who are not well versed in the technology, as it is available in many countries.

    But users are only eligible for the monthly credit if they buy the unit on the regular price.

    Users are also only eligible to use the credit if the vehicle has a 12V outlet.

    Users must also provide their own air conditioner, and be able to prove they have the required equipment.

    This is where things get tricky.

    The Air Conditioner Renewal service allows users of the service to claim a credit for the annual electricity bill.

    If the credit is claimed, the monthly bill for the device will automatically be refunded.

    However, users are not entitled to the credit for installing or upgrading the air conditioning equipment.

    The only way to claim the credit in the future is to upgrade the air conditioners or pay a monthly fee for the new unit.

    Air Conditioner is one of the cheapest ways to save money on the air-conditioning system.

    The company has a 10-day money back guarantee and a $10 discount when purchasing the airconditioners.

    You can read more about Air Conditioners Renewal on their website.

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    How to save money on air conditioning

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