HVAC air conditioning and air conditioning tarantulas will soon be available for sale online.

    Home Depot has opened an online shop, www.aircon.com, that will sell air conditioning units with thermostat, air conditioner, or refrigerant sensors and an LED lighting system.

    The company has also begun testing air conditioning for children and pets.

    “We’ve been talking about this for a while and now we’re finally getting a product that will make a difference,” said Tom Schloss, director of retail at Home Depot.

    “We’re seeing the effects and the impact on the environment and the animals.

    The indoor air conditioning system that we have in our homes will allow us to have more efficient air quality.”

    The company is also selling air conditioning systems for outdoor uses.

    The first one, called Aircon-Tarantula, is a thermostatically controlled unit that has a built-in thermostatic timer, which allows the unit to adjust its temperature automatically based on the temperature of the outside environment.

    “This is a very important thing for us,” said Schloss.

    “It will help us with our climate and indoor air quality control, because we want to make sure that our customers get the best product for the money.”

    Aircon-Prey, the company’s first indoor air condition unit, costs $599.

    The company’s newest outdoor air condition units, Aircon Pro, and Aircon Predator, are about $1,000 each.

    The new indoor air conditions will be available at Home Depots first-quarter 2016 opening in late April, according to Schloss and Home Depot’s online store.


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