Australian company Aircool is developing a new type of air conditioning that uses the internet to deliver energy.

    Aircool is looking to replace the coal-fired thermal power plants that power Australia’s cities with the energy from solar energy, but instead of running a diesel generator to generate the electricity, the company is developing an energy-efficient version of the technology using the internet.

    The company, which has been working on the technology since 2014, says it is the first in Australia to use the internet for this purpose.

    “Our energy system is very fragmented, and there is no clear model of how to scale energy supply to different parts of the country,” Aircool chief executive Ian Brown said.

    “What we’ve done is use the open internet to provide a more efficient, less costly and less costly energy system.”

    The company hopes to have the technology ready for commercial deployment by 2020.

    AirCool says it has already installed the first batch of units on sites across Australia, but it is still working to get the final batch installed in more locations.

    Its main advantage over the coal generation it is aiming to replace is that it uses no fuel and is energy efficient.

    The technology is already used in the UK, where the company recently installed two units on a residential rooftop in Oxfordshire.

    In a statement, Aircool said the technology could also be used to provide energy to small businesses.


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