Airdrop arrival in Alaska is happening, too.

    The first batch of planes arrived Friday afternoon in Anchorage, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

    The Alaska Air National Guard will be taking on the role of the air force to assist in the airlift and recovery operations.

    The air force will also be taking over the task of refueling the planes.

    The air force is also taking over an air tanker, the Air Force Times reports.

    The service has been providing air tanker and support for the air lift and recovery, according a statement from the Alaska Air Guard.

    As of Friday, more than 500 flights had been dispatched.

    The Alaska Air Force and the Alaska Department of Transportation are now working with the Air National Guards from around the country to get planes and personnel to the base, the newspaper said.

    Airdropped planes are also coming from as far away as Canada and Mexico.

    A small group of Alaska Air Forces members have also arrived to take on the task.


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