Air conditioning company AirMax has been awarded $1,919,722.13 in punitive damage by a federal court in Florida.

    A judge has ordered AirMax to pay the $1 million punitive damages to a plaintiff in Florida who said the company falsely told him it was installing air conditioning in a condo near his home.

    The judge in the case, Joseph H. Smith, said AirMax had misrepresented its ability to install air conditioning and had misled its customers.

    The settlement also requires AirMax and its parent company to comply with additional consumer protections and to make changes to its training and maintenance programs.

    AirMax said it would appeal the order.

    The case was filed in federal court by the National Association of Home Builders.

    The complaint says the air conditioning company misrepresented the air conditioner’s ability to work and misled its customer about the installation of air conditioning.

    AirMax and two other manufacturers had also denied the claims, the complaint said.

    The settlement will cover approximately 7,000 current and former AirMax customers in Florida, and another 7,500 current and retired AirMax employees.


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