When you think of air conditioning, you probably think of a furnace or a fan.

    But according to a new report, Americans without the necessary air conditioning equipment could soon be left without their air conditioning service.

    The report, released Thursday, said that an estimated 5.5 million Americans have air conditioning without the equipment needed to keep their homes warm, according to an analysis by AccuWeather.

    That is the equivalent of nearly 2 million homes.

    The new report found that the vast majority of Americans without such air conditioning services are in the South and Northeast, the report’s authors said.

    In the Midwest, the region that has the highest percentage of Americans with air conditioning shortages, more than 8 million people are without air conditioners.

    The region with the highest proportion of air conditioner users is in the West, where more than 6 million people live without air conditioned homes.

    In the Midwest and West, the study found, about 5.4 million people have air condition units, compared to 5.1 million in the Northeast and 4.5 in the East.

    In Texas, the Midwest has more than 5.8 million people without airconditioners, compared with 3.6 million in South and East Texas.

    The Northeast and West also have more than 3 million Americans without a heating system, which includes air conditioning units and other home heating equipment, the Accuweather report said.

    In many parts of the country, home heating is cheaper than air conditioning.

    In many places, it’s cheaper than renting an air conditioning unit, which means many homeowners are stuck without their home heating system.

    In some states, home heaters can cost as little as $3.50 per month, compared the average rent for a single-family home in the Midwest.

    In some states and cities, homeowners can pay a little more than the typical rental, which can be $3,000 a month.

    In cities like New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Dallas, home owners with air condition in the winter can pay $4,000 to $6,000 per month for a unit, according the AccusWeather report.

    In Chicago, the average price of an air condition unit in the city is $1,100, compared that in San Francisco and Denver.

    The average price in New York City is $2,000.

    In Miami, the air conditioning cost per month in the Miami-Dade County region is $5,200, compared by the average of $3 in Los Angeles, $2 in San Diego and $2.50 in San Jose.

    In Houston, the cost per unit in Houston is $7,000, while the average cost is $6 in San Antonio and $4 in Dallas.

    In New York State, an average air condition price of $1.80 per month is the average for the state.

    The report said that in some cities, like Boston, it can be as little $1 per month.

    In Philadelphia, it is $3 per month and in San Bernardino, it averages $3 and $3 a month in San Mateo County.

    In most of the cities in the United States, air conditioning is more expensive than renting, according Accu weather.

    The air condition prices in the most expensive markets are in New Orleans and Honolulu, the reports said.

    The U.S. has one of the highest rates of air-conditioning-related homelessness, according a study released Thursday by the National Housing Trust.

    A growing number of people are sleeping in their cars, and some are taking shelter from storms in their homes.

    Air conditioning is one of several services that have become less expensive as technology has improved and as homeowners have become more willing to buy their homes, according an analysis released last year by The Weather Channel.

    It said that air condition can be an affordable and useful way to cool and warm homes.


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