The Genie Air Conditioning company is coming under fire for its recent advertising campaign featuring a genie who appears to have a heart attack.

    In the video, the genie has a heart-attack and is seen comforting the owner of the company, who is being depicted as a man who has been stuck on a treadmill.

    The company told CNNMoney in a statement that the video was a response to the viral video that was published of a man sitting on a train with a heart problem.

    “We believe it is important to acknowledge the real humanity of those who are suffering from heart failure, and we are working closely with the FDA to develop a strategy to help these individuals,” the company said.

    “In the meantime, we continue to believe that the Genies product is a safe, effective, and effective solution for the health of people living with heart failure.”

    The Genies website states that it is a health-conscious company.

    The website also states that the company has been tested on animals and has shown that its air conditioning can prevent heart attacks.

    In addition to its commercials, the company also sells products for the elderly and people with heart conditions.

    The Genes website states: “The Genie is a highly effective air conditioner for preventing the formation of plaque in the heart.

    It’s been used to help people who have heart failure live longer, and it is safe and effective.

    People who have diabetes, heart disease, or have other heart conditions can use the Genes air-temperature control product to help reduce the risk of a heart condition.

    For those with a compromised immune system, the air-Tempera system helps protect against viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.” “

    For those with heart disease or a heart defect, we also offer an air-conduction system to help control the amount of CO2 in the air.

    For those with a compromised immune system, the air-Tempera system helps protect against viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.”

    The company has more than 50,000 members worldwide, including in China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Korea.

    In January, the firm said it had more than 1.5 million members.

    The New York Times reported that the ads were not the first time Genies ads have caused controversy.

    The Times reported in January that Genies’ ads have been accused of promoting suicide by making people feel guilty about not having the product.

    The ad was also criticized for making people believe that they can cure their heart problems by buying the product and taking it home.

    “I want to give the product away,” the customer is shown saying.

    “You can’t take it home,” the salesman says.

    “It’s too big of a risk.

    It might be too expensive.”

    CNNMoney reached out to the Genys office for comment.


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