air conditioning manufacturers have been looking to expand their business for years. 

    While air conditioning remains an important part of the overall energy supply chain, the growing popularity of home appliances is driving the industry’s focus on new, low-cost air conditioners.

    A company called Bluefin has been quietly developing a brand new air conditioning product called the ACO, with a price tag of $100. 

    That’s a steep price for a standard air condition, but it’s well below the cost of other options, such as gas-powered air conditionering. 

    So how does it work?

    The ACO’s main components are a thermostat that measures the temperature of the air and the power supply, which is connected to the air conditioning system.

    The ACO then switches on the thermostats to turn it on and off based on how much air the house is being cooled by.

    Once the ACo is on, the thermic control unit (TCU) automatically turns off the air condition when it senses that the room is not being heated enough.

    Bluefin says the ACOs also have an onboard thermostatic control unit that can automatically turn it back on when the AC system is not keeping up with the ambient temperature. 

    The ACOs have an active temperature monitoring system that monitors how the air is circulating and how much temperature is being lost.

    This means the ACAs thermostatically control system can automatically shut off the AC when the air in the room reaches a certain temperature.

    It’s important to note that this is not a temperature control system, and Bluefin claims that the ACIs thermostatics can only be turned on or off automatically if the temperature inside the room drops below a certain level.

    While these ACO components are not going to replace gas-fired units, the company has a clear goal of making air conditioning cheaper and more efficient for home users.


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