Posted September 20, 2018 08:16:22Trump Air Conditioner’s CEO is set to make a big announcement that could shake up the US electric car market.

    Apple will buy Air Conditioned Products (AirCP) from Trump Air conditioners.

    The company, based in the US state of Florida, is planning to sell air conditioners to US customers through its Apple AirPlay app.

    Apple has already bought Apple Air products.

    Apple is currently the only major US player in the air conditioner market, with only two other companies having the right to make air conditioning products in the country: the Trump family and the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

    Trump Air conditioner’s new owners will be Trump’s own company, Trump Air.

    The new deal will see AirConditioning Solutions acquire Apple AirConditioners for a reported $5 billion.

    Air Conditioning Solutions’ CEO, Scott Sperling, said the new deal was part of a wider strategy to build an “ecosystem of quality air conditioning solutions in the United States” through a partnership with the Trump Organization.

    AirConditioning solutions have become an increasingly important part of the US energy supply chain.

    The company has an entire line of air conditionant and power supplies and products under its brand, and plans to launch a line of consumer products in 2019.

    The Trump family has been in the business of air conditioning for decades.

    The president’s family has made their mark on the US luxury air conditionering industry through the purchase of companies like the Trump Castle, the Trump Tower, and the Trump Taj Mahal.

    In 2019, Trump will take the helm of Air Conditionment Solutions.

    He will also be joined by his daughter Ivanka Trump, and their children Donald Jr and Eric.


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