By the end of 2020, Tesla is aiming to get to 60% battery capacity.

    That’s enough energy to power a car for 12 hours.

    By 2030, it’s aiming for 100% battery.

    But even with those goals in mind, the automaker is now trying to figure out how to make air conditioning more accessible and useful in the future.

    A new product called Air Conditioner Plus is going to make it easy for people to sleep in their cars.

    Air ConditionerPlus lets you sleep in a car with your phone and a laptop.

    Tesla says it’s the first smartphone-powered car.

    The phone’s wireless charging, battery backup, and even Wi-Fi access will make it possible to take a nap in your car while driving.

    It’s also the first car that has an air conditioning system, and that’s something that hasn’t been done before.

    In a statement to Reuters, Tesla said that the company is planning to launch a new product in 2021 that will make air conditioner usage easier.

    It will include more advanced technologies that allow for the air conditioners to be used more efficiently, and it will be designed for people with a mobility disability.

    Air conditioner is one of the most important features that will allow people with mobility impairments to safely and efficiently use their cars to sleep.

    It allows people with cerebral palsy to sleep while driving, and also for people whose vision and hearing impairments prevent them from being able to sleep comfortably in their homes.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CNBC that people with disabilities have been using cars for sleep for a long time.

    The company’s Air Conditioners were first sold in the United States in the early 1990s, and then in Europe in 2002.

    The current generation of the Air Condition Systems is available in North America, Australia, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Sweden.

    Tesla has been working on a range of solutions for people who don’t have a mobility impairment, including air conditioning for elderly people and people with learning disabilities, as well as a more affordable solution for people living in rural areas.

    Air conditioning has been a core feature of electric cars since the early 2000s, with Tesla adding the feature to its Model S sedan in 2016.

    The technology has grown in popularity as it’s become cheaper to produce and install.

    In 2017, Tesla also added an optional air conditioning feature that uses the car’s batteries.

    The addition of Air Condition Plus will help to extend the battery life of Tesla’s cars by 10 to 20% while making it easier for people in the same market.


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