Bob’s Air Conditioning says its new $70,000 product, the Bob’s All-Season Air Conditioned Starter Kit, is “the most efficient air conditioner on the market” and “the best air conditioners on the planet.”

    And the company has been a leader in the market since 2009, when it introduced its Bob’s Pro-Series Air Conditioners and its Bobs Air Max Air Conditionors, which are now available in the US.

    But Bob’s is not alone in the industry.

    The company, which makes Bobs All-season air conditioning, says its Air Max 2, which retails for $100 more, is the most efficient of its new All-Speed Air Conditionment and All-Seat Air Conditionings.

    It says the Air Max 3, which is available in a range of price points and comes with an additional $100 in accessories, is an “all-star.”

    But the AirMax 2 and 3 have both been criticized by some consumers for not being as efficient as their larger competitors, and for being pricier than some of the more popular models in the sector.

    Bob’s says the two models are “the same” and that it has improved on the performance of the AirMAX 2 and AirMax 3.

    The AirMax models are also equipped with two air vents that are designed to help with heat retention.

    However, the company says these vents are not designed to be used to keep your air condition unit cool, and they can overheat quickly.

    The model you see below is the Airmax 3, and it comes with a new, more efficient air filter that the company claims will “reduce the likelihood of a sudden loss of humidity during the day.”

    In addition, the unit also includes a remote control that lets you control the air condition toggling from “hot” to “cool” and vice versa.

    This is a major improvement over the remote-controlled Air Max that was previously available, but it’s not a feature that everyone is happy with.

    The Bobs website also says that the new AirMax has “improved performance, efficiency, and longevity” compared to the previous models, but that “some users have reported that they experience increased temperatures during the summer months.”

    Consumer complaints and reviews from Bob’s have mostly been negative, with some people reporting that the AirMatic 2 and the AirFlex 2 have caused overheating issues.

    Bobs claims that it is also working to improve the performance and longevity of its models, and that the “new All-Matic air condition system delivers a greater range of cooling options.”

    However, Bobs says that “the AirMax3 and the new AllMax3 are not compatible with our previous AllMatic models, which will cause some users to experience heat retention issues.”

    A spokesperson for Bobs also says in a statement that it “has received numerous reports of overheating and temperature spikes during the Summer and Fall seasons, which have led to complaints and complaints from customers.”

    Consumers also have been disappointed in the company’s claims about the durability of the units, as some reviews of the models have suggested that they do not last very long on a single charge.

    Bob is also facing some criticism for its pricing, which has been increasing over the past few years.

    As of December, the price of the Bobs Pro-series air condition and All Speed air conditionings was $100 higher than the price charged by competitors, according to the BobS AirMax review, which says “the current Pro-Max costs approximately $100 less than the current All-Max and more than the old All-Star.”

    A recent report from the Consumer Reports website found that in December 2016, the average price of a Bobs product was $110.

    The price for the BobMatic, the Air-Max 3, AirMax AirMax, and AirMAX Plus air conditioned units in the Bob catalog was also significantly higher than that of the competition.

    Bob also says it is working to make its products more “competitive” with other air conditionors, such as those made by CoolSense and the Coolmax brand.

    In a statement, CoolSense said that the CoolMAX air condition was the company “most competitive air conditionable air system ever tested and has proven to be a top performer in our extensive research and development program.”

    CoolSense also said that it had received complaints from consumers about overheating problems and temperature issues.

    “We’ve had customers contact us with concerns regarding overheating, overheating overuse, and the temperature and humidity spikes that some of these models experienced during testing,” CoolSense CEO Paul Hofer said in a press release.

    CoolSense’s CoolMAX AirMax also has some of Bobs most notable complaints about durability.

    One of the major complaints is that the unit does not “recharge itself” and can’t be reused.

    Bob says that it uses an anodized aluminum case that is


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