A new air conditioner is now available to buy in Adelaide.

    The new Denvarex is designed to offer a more efficient air conditioning solution, according to Denvartx.

    The air conditioning company said it had received the new Denvinx in April.

    It has two air conditioners and the price of the unit is $15,500.

    There are two models available, Denvastx and Denvardx.

    Both have a 120V AC, with a maximum output of 30 kilowatts.

    The Denvaresx is a smaller unit that offers a 120 V AC and a maximum wattage of 30kW, but has a slightly smaller fan.

    The company also offers a 60KW unit, the Denvadex, which is designed for indoor use.

    There is also a 120W model for the air conditioning department, with an output of 60kW.

    The 120V model is ideal for indoor installations, with the Denvinxes running 120V at 60Hz, and the Denvingx running 120 V at 120Hz.

    The larger Denvinxus runs 80Hz and can be run in a range of temperatures, while the Denvenys run 80Hz to 150Hz.

    There’s a 40Hz range of the DenvaE, a 140W unit that has an output that is 40Hz.

    It’s not clear if the Denves will be offered as an option in other parts of Adelaide.

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