In this week’s episode, we explore the environmental implications of air conditioning.

    The panelists are:Dr. Richard K. Allen, University of California, DavisEthan Klein, University College LondonMark T. Anderson, University at BuffaloRichard P. Wahl, University University of UtahMichael D. Molnar, Harvard UniversityJohn W. Hargrove, Stanford UniversityDr.

    Matthew J. Lebow, Harvard Medical SchoolRobert C. Scott, University’s Center for Environmental Science & TechnologyDr.

    Daniel J. Bekowski, University School of Medicine and Dentistry of CaliforniaDr.

    Chris M. Williams, Stanford Environmental Health InstituteDr.

    Mark P. Schmitt, Harvard’s Pritzker School of ArchitectureDr.

    Michael C. Steinberg, Stanford School of Engineering and Applied SciencesDr.

    Steven L. Dyer, Harvard School of Public Health


    How to save money on air conditioning

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