In this July 13, 2016, file photo, a man stands inside a Mercedes Benz dealership, in the southern Chinese city of Chengdu.

    China’s government on Tuesday banned imports of imported air conditioning units in a bid to crack down on the growing trend of people complaining of headaches.

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the measure would affect the entire industry, as well as all businesses, including car dealerships.

    “The government’s air conditioning unit imports will be severely curtailed and the affected industries will be put at severe disadvantage,” Li said.

    The measure was not part of an overall crackdown on air conditioning in China, but the government said it had been prompted by rising health problems among older people and a recent increase in cases.

    In the past year, more than 50,000 people in southern China have developed air conditioning headaches, according to government data.

    About 2 million people have air conditioning cycles and 2.2 million people suffer from air conditioning cycle headache, according the latest figures from the state-run China Health Information Center.

    The government has made it difficult for some residents to buy air conditioning equipment, especially in Beijing.

    China has long been one of the world’s biggest car-buying nations.

    Its economy has boomed, driven by a booming population and soaring property values.

    But China’s economy has slowed sharply in recent years as the country grapples with slowing growth and an economic slowdown that could worsen over the next few years.

    Some Chinese businesses have been losing billions of dollars on investments, and a growing number of residents in the capital have complained of headaches and other side effects from air conditioners.

    In October, a Beijing court ordered carmakers including General Motors and Nissan to stop selling air conditioner units.

    The order came as the government in April ordered Chinese retailers to stop buying air condition units.


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