With no federal regulation or certification requirements, Air Conditioners are a common and inexpensive solution for cooling homes, businesses, schools, and offices.

    They’re also common in Hawaii, where they’re often found on every floor of buildings, and where the island’s climate and humidity is a prime draw.

    And the number of air conditioners in Hawaii is growing at an astonishing rate.

    The island has nearly 1,000 outlets, and the state’s biggest operator, Wilson Air Conditionors, operates more than 40,000 in Hawaii alone.

    While the state requires most homes and businesses to have at least one outlet, air conditioner prices have been skyrocketing over the past few years.

    At one point, the average price of an air conditionist was more than $200,000, according to the Hawaii Association of Air Conditioner Installers, which has counted more than 1,600 outlets on the island.

    A bill filed by the group, the Hawaiian Retailers Association, seeks to ban the sale of air conditioning in Hawaii and to limit the use of air conditioned lounges in the state.

    It also seeks to require the state to increase the supply of air-conditioning devices and equipment and to require certification of those devices. 

    The bill also calls for a review of the state air pollution standards and the regulation of airconditioning equipment and equipment, including the use and cost of air filters.

    A state agency recently published guidelines for air conditioning installation, and Hawaii’s Department of Environmental Quality issued a draft air quality control plan for 2018.

    The governor’s office declined to comment on the bill, but spokeswoman Rebecca Sorenson said it’s important for lawmakers to focus on issues like energy, which they control, rather than issues like air conditioning.

    “This is an important issue for Hawaii because we have a huge energy sector here and it’s a huge industry,” Sorensson said.

    “We have some of the best standards in the world for air conditionering, so it’s really important that we continue to be competitive.”

    The bill also includes a provision that would allow air conditioning to be sold without a permit.

    “There is no requirement that these products be inspected for compliance with the law or regulation,” Sorenson said, adding that the agency “is not currently enforcing any laws.”

    The proposal comes as lawmakers are weighing legislation that would prevent air conditioning from being used in any building without a proper certificate or permit.

    A similar bill that was introduced last year failed in the House but was introduced in the Senate.

    Hawaii Air Conditionation has a history of safety issues.

    The company was recently forced to recall nearly 1 million units due to a problem with the air conditioning system.

    The state also has some of its biggest air pollution problems in the country.

    More than 10,000 people died last year from carbon monoxide poisoning linked to the pollution, and more than 9,000 died from heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular issues.

    In 2016, the Hawaii Department of Health and Welfare said there were 1,835 people with elevated levels of CO levels.

    In 2015, the Department of Agriculture reported that the state was home to more than 600,000 non-Hawaiian residents.

    In 2012, Hawaii had the nation’s second-highest rate of asthma deaths, according the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    In 2013, a study found that the number and severity of air pollution incidents in Hawaii was at an all-time high.

    “The air condition industry is going to be a critical component in the sustainability of Hawaii’s economy, economy of our residents, and our communities, and we should be looking at ways to support them in that endeavor,” Rep. Richard L. Durbin, D-Ill., who introduced the bill with Sen. Brian Schatz, D, said in a statement.

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