The air quality issues plaguing many homes in Florida have gotten so bad that residents have complained of feeling sick and experiencing asthma attacks, and some say their homes are unsafe.

    Now, a Florida man is asking for help in getting his air conditioner fixed.

    In an interview with local news station WFTV, David J. Hodge said his air conditioning unit was broken at his home in Miami Beach, Florida.

    Hodge said he has had his air-conditioner for two years and that it’s been working well, but he and his wife have recently had to put it out of service due to the problems.

    The air conditioners that Hodge uses have been a key piece of his home, so when the issues began, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

    “I called up the company that makes the air conditioning units and asked if they would fix it, so I took it to them,” Hodge told WFTS.

    “It was an amazing experience.

    I got to spend time with my family and I was able to have my air condition unit fixed,” he added.

    Hoke said he is considering filing a class action lawsuit against the company responsible for the air conditioning system.

    He said he also filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

    “We need to know what’s causing the problems, we need to find out how they’re doing this, and we want to make sure they fix it,” Hoke said.

    The Florida Department on Wednesday announced a $15 million program to address air quality and related problems, including the use of “smart devices” to help consumers understand what’s going on.

    Hodges complaint comes after several other Florida residents have voiced their concerns about the condition.


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