The air conditioning company that manufactures air conditioners for the New England Patriot football team has unveiled a new product it says can help prevent future heart attacks and strokes.

    The Air Conditioner for the American Heart Association, an effort to make air conditioning more accessible to millions of Americans, debuted at the U.S. White House on Wednesday.

    It features an adjustable thermostat, an adjustable fan, and an LED indicator light that is visible from nearly any angle, according to the company.

    “It’s the first thermostatically controlled air conditioner that’s designed to meet your needs and your expectations,” said Dan McAdams, president of Air Conditioning Products Inc., a Boston-based company that makes the device.

    “It’s an all-in-one solution for people with chronic air-conditioning issues.”

    The Air Cooler is a thermostatic air conditioning device that uses sensors to monitor temperature and humidity in your home.

    It uses sensors that measure the amount of air circulating through your home and allows the thermostats to control the air.

    It also uses an onboard computer that allows users to schedule the time of the day when their air condition is most efficient.

    The air conditioning products also include an air compressor, a fan, a cooling pad, a water tank, and a fan adapter.

    It comes with a manual that explains how to set up and use the device and how to turn it on and off.

    “We believe the Air Coolers can be a lifesaver for people struggling with heart and lung problems,” McAdams said.

    “People who suffer from chronic heart and/or lung problems should contact a physician for an air conditionist.

    They may also seek additional help by getting their air conditioning system replaced or repairing a leak.”

    The company’s products are available through its website.


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