Nest has said it will open its first Irish-language office in Cork’s Cork City area.

    The company will employ over 40 people at its new Cork office, which will be located at the corner of Main Street and Grand Canal Road, at the centre of the city’s Corktown shopping district.

    Nest has been working on the Cork office for over a year, and has already secured a number of key business partnerships including with the Cork City Council, local authorities, and the Cork Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    Cork City Council and Cork Chamber will be able to use the offices space for public meetings, as well as meetings and events in the future.

    Nettles said the Cork Office would be the “perfect space” for the company to “celebrate our partnership with the City of Cork”.

    “We are excited to expand our global footprint and bring our expertise to Cork City as the City and State of Ireland work together to make the Cork area a more attractive place to live and work,” Nettles added.

    “The Cork Office will provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to creating the perfect office environment for Nest to thrive in Cork.”

    The company is the first of its kind to open a Cork office in the UK.

    In December, Nest announced it was planning to open an office in London.

    Nests latest expansion to Cork follows its acquisition of the property of local retail store, Popcorn, for €1.5 million in 2016.

    It was the first time the company had acquired a retail store in Cork.

    Nettle, which was founded in 2001, has become one of the world’s most valuable retail brands.

    It owns and operates Nest Food and Health, which owns several major retailers in the US and UK.

    The firm also owns a majority stake in Nest Labs, which is one of Europe’s leading health and wellness companies.

    The Cork office will be Nest’s third UK office.

    Nest’s first UK office, in Liverpool, was opened in January.


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