I’m currently in a heated apartment with a fan that sucks the air out of the room to cool it.

    The fans fan runs on a USB cable and comes with a power cord.

    I plugged in my new Airflow Power Meter, and after 10 minutes of playing with the power meter, I was getting 5V.

    Now, that doesn’t seem all that exciting because my unit is a bit overpriced, but the power consumption of the fan is minimal.

    That’s not the case with the Airflow Pro, which I think has a pretty good power draw.

    You’ll need to keep your fans running during use, but for most uses, you won’t be using the fan very often.

    If you’re looking for a more reliable cooling solution, you’ll probably want to go with the XC3 Power Meter.

    It’s a fanless unit with a single USB port.

    I have it hooked up to a power bank in my apartment and it runs great.

    When I plug it into the wall outlet and turn on the fans, it actually puts out a little bit of heat.

    The temperature of the AirFlow Power Meter is about 25°C, which is pretty warm, and I haven’t noticed any damage to my fan or cable.

    It is $20, and it is a decent value for the fanless cooling solution you get with this unit.

    The Airflow is a good choice if you’re going to be putting the fan back on and not using the unit as much.

    If I were to buy a unit from the company again, I’d likely look at the X2 Power Meter instead.

    It doesn’t have a USB port and is a little more expensive, but you get the same great fanless power output.

    The X2 is an even better value if you want to keep the fan on longer.

    If your fan is coming back on, you can always replace the fan by purchasing the X3 Power Module instead.


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