The new, modern air conditioners that have become popular in India, which now has over 100,000 air conditioner units, are designed to provide a comfortable, cool experience for consumers, with no heat to be felt or a need to plug into a wall outlet.

    While air conditioning is now standard in almost every building in the country, the technology has never been widely used in residential buildings.

    The first generation of air conditionors were developed by the Japanese company Nestle in Japan, and they were designed for homes and office environments.

    But the company’s brand was tarnished by a scandal involving an alleged misuse of a patented cooling device that can help keep a room cooler than the surrounding air.

    The company eventually settled with the government of India for $1.6 billion.

    In a new advertisement, Nestle’s founder and chief executive officer, Tony Fadell, and its chief operating officer, Nandini Vaidya, talk about the company making air conditioning accessible to the Indian public.

    In the video, Vaidye says air conditioning systems have become more sophisticated in recent years, which is one of the reasons why they are more affordable for the average Indian consumer.

    She says that the cost of air conditioning has gone down in the last two years.

    She also says air conditioning is now the “next generation” of air quality and safety measures.

    In fact, India has one of Asia’s largest populations of Indian-origin people, and many of them are in urban areas.

    Air conditioning is also now part of the regular lives of many people in India.

    In the past, it was expensive and was reserved for very senior citizens and senior citizens who needed to be present at work or at home.

    But in recent times, the air conditioning system has become affordable for people who work in offices or at a home.

    This has helped bring air quality in India back to normal.


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