The next time you’re in your house and find a room with an odor, you’ll be able to tell that it’s because someone’s been inside.

    According to a recent study by the Texas A&M University School of Nursing, the odor of a room in which an odor is present is called a “pandemic,” and it’s responsible for many more illnesses than other things you might find in your bathroom.

    To make matters worse, people who live in these homes tend to be poor and have lower incomes, according to the study.

    If you want to get out of the smell-filled house, you’re going to need to start with cleaning the place out.

    Here are the basics of how to do that.1.

    Clean your kitchen and bathroomThere’s no denying that odors are a problem in your kitchen, and you should definitely get rid the smell by making sure you’re using natural cleaners that don’t contain fragrance.

    However, the smell of your kitchen can linger and cause irritation for a long time.

    A cleaner with a “cleaner mode” will reduce the odor, but you’re also going to want to use a water based cleaner to neutralize the smell.

    If you don’t use a cleaner, the water you use will cause the smell to persist longer.2.

    Wash your homeThe best way to clean your home is to get in the habit of doing so.

    “The smell of food, clothing, and other household items will linger and irritate your nose,” says Katherine A. Gaffney, PhD, a registered nurse and the director of the Houston office of the National Center for the Prevention of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (NCPOCD).

    “To avoid this, wash your home every two hours and use soap, water, and detergent as needed.”3.

    Remove furniture and carpetsYou might be thinking, “I’ve always had the smell in my bathroom.

    What can I do about it?”

    You can use a vacuum cleaner or air dryer to remove any items that may be making your home smell, such as furniture and linens.

    A regular cleaning program also can help.

    “If you have carpets, you should replace them with a good quality carpet, such the cotton fabric,” says Gaffey.


    Check out your children’s roomsYour children will likely have their own bedroom odors, so it’s important to make sure they are taking steps to keep their bedroom smelling clean.

    “Your child will probably be concerned about the smell,” says A. J. Smith, PhD. “But they need to understand that if they do have an odor issue, it’s something that will go away.”

    To get your child started, you can give them a bath.

    Once they’re ready to go to bed, you could also put a cloth under the bed and use a cloth cleaning cloth to gently scrub your bedroom.

    You could also use a spray bottle to scrub the bedroom floor or a carpet cleaner to remove the carpet.5.

    Wash and dry your homeEvery time you go to the sink or bathroom, you may want to wash your hands to remove odors.

    Gaffney recommends washing the hands before you use a soap, but it’s also important to do the same thing with the toilet.

    “You may want some scrubbing on your hands or you may feel uncomfortable using the toilet,” she says.6.

    Take the time to check your household choresThere’s always the option of doing a weekly home audit, which will help you identify any problems and fix them.

    But if you do have any maintenance issues, you need to make a plan and start making adjustments.

    “This audit is a way to identify problems that could be causing odor in the house and address them,” says Smith.


    Replace air conditioning if necessaryTo get rid a room of odorous air conditioning in your apartment, you might need to replace it with a new one.

    Smith suggests checking to make certain that there are no existing leaks in your system.

    “If there is a leak, you will need to go into the air conditioning and check the air temperature,” she adds.

    “Also, make sure that your heating or air conditioning is properly regulated.”


    Make sure the appliances are cleaned and checkedOnce you’ve fixed any issues that you found during your audit, it might be time to go ahead and clean your appliances.

    “It’s always a good idea to take your household appliances and inspect them,” Smith says.

    “These appliances can cause problems and can get into the carpeting, the door and window, and any other areas where the odor is coming from.”


    Use a water resistant cleaner to clean the homeThis will give your home a much cleaner air quality, but the key to getting rid of the odors is getting rid in the first place.


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