The Washington Redskins have announced the hiring of a new offensive coordinator.

    Mike Shanahan has been in charge of the offense for the past three years.

    He was a head coach in Indianapolis for three years and has a long track record as a player and a coach.

    But the Redskins’ offense has been the subject of some criticism, particularly after the team went 0-9 the past two seasons and posted a season-low 10.4 points per game in 2016.

    The Redskins went 0 for 5 on third down last season.

    And they were 8 for 25 on third downs in 2017.

    The new offensive coach, offensive line coach, running backs coach and wide receivers coach all were fired in the offseason.

    But Shanahan said he would be bringing in a new staff.

    “We want to make sure we’re going to be able to execute,” Shanahan said.

    “That’s the focus of this job.

    We’re going play more of a run-oriented offense and make sure our players are comfortable with that.” “

    The biggest thing is consistency and we’re not going to do things the way we did last year.

    We’re going play more of a run-oriented offense and make sure our players are comfortable with that.”

    Shanahan said the team would try to add some more depth to its offense.

    He said he was confident in running back Alfred Morris and wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

    “Alfred Morris is an elite receiver,” Shanahan told reporters.

    “I don’t know if there’s any guy in the league that is as dynamic, as dynamic as DeSean.

    That’s the biggest thing.”

    Jackson, who has been suspended for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, said the new offensive staff will have some of the same philosophies that were employed in Indianapolis.

    “They’re going in the direction of getting the most out of our players and our team,” Jackson said.

    He added: “They want to be as smart as possible.”

    Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was fired last offseason and replaced by new offensive line coaches John Fassel and Jake Fisher.

    “Jim Haslett’s a fantastic coach and I’m excited to see him come in and help us develop the best players on the field and also help us learn from the mistakes that we made last year,” said Shanahan.

    “He’s going to come in, be a leader, be an educator and he’s going with a proven track record.

    That’ll be the blueprint for all of us to build on.”

    Shanahan also addressed the team’s quarterback situation.

    The team is looking for a new quarterback, and one of the names that has been mentioned as a possibility is veteran Ryan Tannehill, who spent last season in Tampa Bay.

    Tannehls development has been a hot topic.

    He has struggled this season, throwing four interceptions and missing four games with a torn ACL.

    Tannes experience is an advantage.

    He’s played at an NFL level for four seasons, winning three division titles with the Dolphins.

    But Tannehl has been on the wrong side of the ball twice and has never played well enough to earn a contract extension.

    The only other QB to play in the NFL with the Redskins is Ryan Lindley, who signed a two-year, $12 million deal with Miami in 2018.

    Shanahan said Tannehal was “not in our minds” as a starter in the past and was not a guy he wanted to give the franchise the franchise quarterback it needs.

    “No, he wasn’t,” Shanahan added.

    “If he’s not a starter, we can’t move forward with him.”


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