A brother and sister in northern Ontario are battling air conditioning problems that left them without electricity.

    The pair, who are both retired, said they got the problem in late March and the house is now without air conditioning.

    They said they have been using the windows for a year to see what is happening and are hoping to have a new air conditioner installed soon.

    “It’s really hard to explain the symptoms, it’s so weird,” said their son, John.

    “We didn’t have the option of doing something, it was so cold.”

    The family had bought a new house and moved in just over a year ago.

    They said their electricity bill went up $2,000 when they had to pay for the new air conditioning in February and March of this year.

    The brother, who works as a construction worker, said the air conditionering problem has been a challenge to deal as they have no heating in the house.

    John said the brothers’ home has been in their family for over 40 years and it’s never been an issue.

    He said it is only now that the family is dealing with the issue that the brothers are taking it seriously.

    “We haven’t done a lot of research, but we do know that it’s a big problem,” he said.

    According to Hydro One, there is no standard for air conditioning systems and there are different models to choose from.

    Hydro One said it’s not uncommon for customers to find themselves without electricity and that the company is working to identify those who are experiencing the problem.

    For the time being, Hydro One is offering free energy and water to affected customers.

    If you or someone you know needs help, contact Hydro One.


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