The jobs of air conditioning workers are booming in many parts of the country.

    But they are getting less than they used to, according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday.

    The BLS data shows that air conditioning employment has declined from about 7.5 million workers in 2007 to about 5.8 million in 2018.

    That’s a drop of 1.6 million jobs.

    There were more than 9 million workers employed in the electrical and electronic equipment industry in 2017, according the BLS, and air conditioning was the fastest growing occupation in the group.

    The job growth rate has been slow and steady since 2006.

    But the BIS data shows there have been some big bumps in recent years, with air conditioning hiring continuing to decline from 2012 to 2017.

    For example, in 2017 the BOS estimated that there were 9.1 million air conditioners employed in Ohio.

    But that number was slightly lower than the 10.4 million estimated in 2018 by the Bleske group, a non-partisan research organization.

    The data shows a lot of air conditioner jobs have been lost, but there are some jobs that are up for grabs.

    Air conditioning workers make up more than half of the jobs in hotels, restaurants, office and retail businesses.

    Air conditioner sales have also grown in recent decades, according with the BLEKES report.

    It’s hard to find jobs that pay the same as the jobs that were once available.

    The average hourly pay in 2018 was $28.10, according Bleskis.

    In 2017, it was $30.65.

    And the median hourly pay was $25.00.

    And there are more jobs available in some industries than others.

    For instance, the BLES report shows that the average hourly salary for a registered nurse was $32.20 in 2017.

    But for a housekeeping worker, the median wage was $34.80.

    There are also a lot more jobs than people need to do to make ends meet.

    For an air conditioned worker, that means you have to do a lot to pay the bills, which can add up quickly.

    The median hourly wage for a home health aide was $19.50 in 2017 and $19 an hour in 2018, according as the Belskis report.

    That compares to $17.30 in 2017 for a cashier and $21 an hour for a dishwasher.

    The typical household in the United States now needs a total of about $200,000 to live on in 2017 according to the BES report, so people who have the means to live off the grid could see a pay increase if they take a job that pays well.

    In other words, air conditioning is becoming more and more of a good-paying occupation for people in the middle of nowhere, according Brian Stelter, an economist and host of “StelterNation” on CNN.

    Stelting says people in places like North Dakota, which has the lowest number of people per capita without health insurance in the country, are getting the most attention.

    Stelster says that people who don’t need the jobs they’re doing are finding new jobs.


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